15. . At Passions' Peak

Music by Brent Lewis, Lyrics by Perry Crawford

Frog appears in the spring, lonely now he starts to sing.
Princess hears, by the stream, misty eyes her teardrops gleam.
His lonely calls makes her heart ache, when love is blind, a risk we take.
With keen and peering eyes...the Princess at the stream he spies,
He sees her blowing chestnut hair...that waves and flows with graceful flair,
Both heart and legs at leaping pace, he cannot wait to see her face,
His appetite and hunger whets with every tiny glimpse he gets,
She walks up to the water's brink and then she stoops, to take a drink.
He stands at last with her alone but freezes fast upon a stone.
Now with a start his knees grow weak, his pounding heart won't let him speak.
He feels the aches her form creates; his eyes affixed no breath he takes.
He looks at her and wonders how a creature such as he sees now,
With graceful moves, his senses please and touch them all with gentle ease.
She rises up, and sees the frog and drops her cup down on a log.
He picks it up and kneels to fill the loving cup he caused to spill.
Still on his knees he sees her eyes so soft and fixed with mutual ties.
Growing feelings bid them touch, as hand meets hand in trembling clutch,
She kneels before him, cheek to cheek, and kisses him AT PASSION'S PEAK!
Frog transformed, the legends say, he reappeared a prince to stay,
But truth is told in history's log, of one crazy girl, and one lucky frog.