1. TwinkleBerry, the Belly Dancing Chicken

Music by Brent Lewis
Written by Perry Crawford

Let me tell you all a story far beyond the ordinary
Of the belly dancing chicken, who was known as Twinkle Berry.
She was the legend of the henhouse, always cheerful always merry
But her love for fame and fortune stands as her obituary.

No one living quite remembers how she took up belly dancing
But its movements and its rhythms were invented for romancing.
She would wiggle, sway and jingle with her bells while she was prancing
For her audience of animals who found it quite entrancing.

She performed upon a trestle on the tracks above the ground
A more dramatic setting for a stage could not be found.
The audience was awestruck as they came from miles around
For Twinkle's hypnotizing use of motion and of sound.

She was dancing on the trestle with an evil wind a' blowing
Neither dancing hen nor audience had any way of knowing
That the spotlight she was using was a bright headlight a 'glowing
On the engine of a freight train that revealed no signs of slowing.

Her fans all tried to warn her of the train as it was nearing
But the dancing Twinkle Berry thought that they were only cheering.
So she danced a little faster, never knowing, never fearing
The sounds of her own dancing bells were all that she was hearing.

Describing scattered feathers and broken bells may be too scary.
It's enough to know the train kept moving on and never tarried.
So if you are the fame and fortune type you must be wary
Of a fate just like the belly dancing chicken, Twinkle Berry.