3. Swamp Toad Pie

Music by Brent Lewis
Written by Perry Crawford

Go down to the mud creek some dark and stormy night,
Catch a big old swap toad for a tasty treat delight!

First you put the toad legs in a greasy pan to fry,
They jump and wiggle down your throat like they will never die!

Now add a snappin' turtle, it's just like usin' spice!
Now it kicks and bites you back! And that feels mighty nice!

Add the heads and innards, and brains and tongues and eyes,
And put 'em all together, and stir 'em once or twice.

Pour it in the turtle shell and pile it good and high!
And cover it with swamp toad skin and bake it as a pie!

The county fair had judges from every walk of life.
The biggest and the meanest was the city's Mayor's wife!

The pie began to wiggle as she cut the skin in two.
She took a big old mouthful, like judges often do!

The snapper bit her greasy lips with toad legs stickin' through!
She used her hand to push 'em back and then began to chew!
And chew!

The others watched her swallow when she finally won the fight, Her sweaty face was grinnin as she cut another bite!

Now she's at the mud creek every dark and stormy night. Catchin' big ol' swamp toads for a tasty treat delight!

Swamp toad pie...Mmmm…that tastes real good. Licking good...swamp toad pie!