10. No Oil in the Soil

Music by Brent Lewis
Written by Perry Crawford

No oil in the soil! Was the rigger's lament,
The dry drilling shafts were left smoking and bent.
One after another they came to a halt,
And all of the Nations denied any fault.

No oil in the soil! Was the requiem sung,
By mourners of autos with heads heavy hung.
The wells stood as headstones of warnings gone by,
That someday the sources of oil would run dry.

No oil in the soil! Made the stock market die!
Politicians in the pockets of Arabs all cried!
Like their profits and power and social class wall,
Their foot on the necks of the masses would fall!

No oil in the soil got the people to act
Against Oily Officials and rules then intact
That ensured that the wealthy would have the control,
That would ravage our world and bankrupt their souls!

No oil in the soil! Stopped the weapons of war,
And ended the fighting for oil evermore,
And the Global Economy took a new turn,
As all worked together through hard lessons learned.

Hey Man, there's no more oil....WOW!