6. The Monsters in My Room

Music by Brent Lewis, Lyrics by Perry Crawford

The monster from the closet met the monster under the bed;
One was pink and purple and the other was orange and red.
They came to start the night shift and they entered in the room,
They slipped into their places hiding amid the dark and gloom.

A boy and girl lay sleeping after Daddy tucked them in,
The monsters started to giggle hoping their fun would soon begin.
They planned to thump and bump, scraping talons down the wall.
Before they could begin, a strange intruder came to call!

A burglar with a hooded mask had found his way inside!
He thought the children's room would be the perfect place to hide.
He had a little flashlight and he shined its little beam;
It lit the little faces of the children lost in dream.

A blanket dropped down over him and his light fell to the floor,
As giant arms wrapped 'round him and squeezed and squeezed some more!
He couldn’t breathe or talk or yell, and felt his bones go POP!
The last thing he remembered was his noggin getting bopped!

They found him in the morning, bound and gagged upon the floor.
A very short while later came the police through the door.
They wondered how he got tied up with knots upon his head.
It was the monster from the closet and the monster under the bed!