10. Messages from Earth

Music by Brent Lewis, Lyrics by Perry Crawford

Man claims logic for himself to use to justify his pelf,
But logic fails his feeble mind when Earth responds to man in kind.
The Messages from Earth ring clear to senses beyond eye and ear,
Awakened soul and pounding heart bear witness to the living art.
The wind, once howling, now is hushed, the sun, once yellow, turns to blush,
As leaves turn over seeking breeze, to bring a sheen to scores of trees.
The cloudy, dark horizon looms, a flock of birds to shelter zooms,
As silence cloaks the cricket’s song, tornado’s roar comes loud and strong!
Funneled judges overhead, descend as sentences are read,
And passed as secret scores are squared, for some are doomed and some are spared.
Then deep within the bowels of Earth, come shudders spanning height and girth.
Her earthquakes wash man from his place, as tsunami tears pouring down her face.
Volcanic lips arise in steam; she opens wide her mouth and screams.
Her magma curses to the skies, till more than just her temper dies.
How can mankind not assume a toxic and polluted womb,
Will not provoke an aftermath by giving birth to nature's wrath?