3. Between The Stars

Music by Brent Lewis, Lyrics by Perry Crawford

Between the stars, past Earth and Mars,
In the vast frontier of space,
There's room for dreams, past all extremes,
For all the human race.

Transfix your sight, on stars at night,
See the darkness in between.
No thoughts can stall at fence or wall,
There's no boundary to be seen.

Between the stars past Earth and Mars,
I'll leave my thoughts behind.
A trail straight to my wandering heart,
For my own true love to find.

Each shining star with in our sight
Are notes from God's own score.
When we tune our lives to light,
They brighten even more.

Between the stars, past Earth and Mars,
My soul is set to fly.
I'll sign my name between the stars,
And wait for you on high.