CD 6 – Jungle Moon


“Jungle Moon”, Site of the Sacred Drum is the most powerful drum album ever created. It is a magical tapestry of rhythms and melodic drumming that will delight the hearts of everyone. You will want to dance in a trance when you hear the Cave Witch chant. This album is the ultimate house cleaning extravaganza.

1. Cat Walk – MP3 – 553K
2. Dance of the Ants – MP3 – 661K
3. Cave Witch
4. Mr. Swamp Toad
5. High Humidity
6. Iwi – MP3 – 587K
7. Journey to JungleMoon
8. Buckwheat’s Revenge – MP3 – 576K
9. No Warning
10. Jungle Drum Boogie – MP3 – 653K