6. Pray for the Prey

Music by Brent Lewis
Written by Perry Crawford

The wind blows unchecked over prairie terrain,
Renewing its vows with the winter again,
Creating a frost with the fresh morning dew,
Ice crystal diamonds now carpet the view.

The sun and moon trading places above,
Give promise of warmth living creatures want of,
But seeking to catch golden rays through the chill,
Make all easy prey for the hunter's kill.

A jackrabbit father is teaching his brood
The rules they must follow when searching for food.
For leaving the burrow brings danger each day
And death is a price they should not have to pay.

"Stay hidden in bushes or patches of weed,
When out in the open you run with great speed,
And never run long on a path that is straight,
Use zigzagging motions and vary your gait."

"Keep your nose in the wind and ear in the air,
Your back to the sun to protect eyes from glare,
Watching for shadows that glide 'cross the ground,
While perfectly still so you can not be found."

"Do not move an inch until nose, ear and eye,
Assure there's no danger on ground or in sky,
And make no exceptions, stay true to the rules,
For gambling and risk are the folly of fools."

"Obedience does more to teach and fulfill
Than sorrow and pain from mistakes ever will.
A consequence earned from a choice that was made
Can cost you a price that can never be paid."

The jackrabbit father was finished with talk,
And moved out ahead in his three-legged walk,
That added a soberness to every word,
A living example to all they had heard.